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Trail Chasers
Make it harder for the other guy to find your favorite hunting spot!

Trail Chasers are the newest repackaging of a widely used product by hunters for hunters to mark trails and game zones. Even though we at The Elusive Hunter prefer to compass or GPS our way to our favorite hunting areas, even we sometimes find it necessary to use some type of trail marker. Once in the stand we defiantly prefer to use ground markers to pin distance points.

Trail Chasers, unlike red flagging tape, will blend into most ground vegetation while still being easy to spot if you know where to look. Trail Chasers are easy to deploy, move, and retrieve.

Trail Chasers are highly durable 6" plastic markers, Whisker®, combined with a lightweight spike to be driven into the ground. Unlike red flagging tape, Trail Chasers will blend into most ground vegetation while still being easy to spot. Trail Chasers are easy to deploy, move, and retrieve.

Trail Chasers are perfect for marking your hunting trails, garden zones, sprinkler heads, athletic fields and much, much more. Available in orange, blue, green, and white.


To mark your trail, simply slide one of the enclosed spikes through the custom designed bracket of a 6” Whisker® as shown above. Then fan the whiskers to spread them out to more realistically imitate natural foliage. Push or hammer the combined unit, a Trail Chaser, into the ground.

Tips: Trim the nylon whiskers if you need to decrease the chances that others may pick up your trail. Use another method of attachment, not the enclosed spikes, if you want to mount to.

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PASSPORT Handgun Holsters and Concealment Devices

• Modern Designs
• Space-Age Materials
• Lifetime Guarantee
All PASSPORT products are constructed of high-denier ballastic nylon and top-quality DuPont Cordura nylon. Nylon is the perfect companion for your fine firearms, since it molds itself to a perfect fit, does not retain moisture, and does not produce the "holster burn" common with leather products. With corrosion-resistant and virtually unbreakable fittings, PASSPORT Holsters are built to last forever; in fact, all our products are guaranteed to do just that.

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Bir Green Egg
WWT Grill House at Wild West Traders is NW Atlanta's local Big Green Egg Authorized Dealer for the “World’s Best Smoker” the Big Green Egg. In the Grill House we carry the Big Green Egg product line up along with other brands of cookware, grilling tools, charcoal, wood, sauces and seasoning. Call or drop by the Grill House to check out our current packages! Pickup or delivery. Big Green Egg.....The Most Versatile Cooking Device Ever!
Big Green Egg - Assembly Videos

Heads Taxidermy 2015
Wild West Traders in now the exclusive drop-off location for Broderick Head’s Taxidermy. After leaving the meat processor, just drop off your trophy at Wild West Traders during regular business hours and let the rest be handled by the staff of Broderick Head’s Taxidermy. Over the past 37 years, Broderick Head's Taxidermy has continued to produce the highest quality taxidermy services while providing the best value to their customers.

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